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Post by gary428509 »

My system periodically shuts down for no apparent reason. Does anybody know what could be causing this? Thank you. GARY428509.
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Post by karlchen »

Hello, gary428509.

Would you mind sharing 2 things with us, please?

Open a terminal window. Execute the commandline

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inxi -Fxz
Post the complete output here, please. - "inxi -Fxz" will give us a concise overview of your hard- and software configuration.

Next thing:
Please open the system logfile /var/log/syslog in your favourite tet editor e.g. - You may also use the "System Log" menu item instead. - What might be most interesting is the section of log entries which were written before you restarted the machine after an unexpected shutdown. If we are lucky the system is still able to log some errors before it goes down unexpectedly.

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