how to enable vsync on cinnamon with amd opensource?

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how to enable vsync on cinnamon with amd opensource?

Post by phill1978 »

As per thread title?

I have now had to resort to installing the catalyst driver (which isnt too bad but its inconsisent on games). I have hideous tearing out of the box with Cinnamon Mint 17 using the x.server / edgers FOSS driver i tried looking for an easy flick switch on the cinnamon control panel ( Like KDE has) and nothing. I tried searching online but didnt find anything either.

any ideas? Im sure its just one line in a config file somewhere

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Re: how to enable vsync on cinnamon with amd opensource?

Post by FirebirdTN »

Sorry I do not have anything constructive to add other than "me too". I started a thread in the "gaming on linux" section about it.

I installed the proprietary ATI release driver right off the bat, and I noticed the tearing. Strange, I just don't recall ever seeing it in Mint 13 when I ran it for a month after leaving XP.

I also removed the ATI driver and tried the run the FOSS driver and the tearing is equally bad as well.

The one thing that seems to fix it, is the ATI proprietary driver, and forcing vsync on. That works pretty well for most of my games, but for others makes the gameplay/annimations choppy and not smooth [I'm assuming it drastically drops the framerate??? I honestly don't know].

Not a deal breaker for me, as I LOVE Mint since leaving XP, but is something I noticed. There are just way too many variables in the games I play to ever hope they will work flawlessly and liquid smooth: Wine version, Age of the game, config settings, the fact that most games I play multi-core and hyperthreading CPUs weren't even available yet, Linux distro, kernel version, driver, driver version, driver config, etc.

All things considered...I am still blown away by how well my ancient games actually work on a platform they weren't even designed for!

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