Skype just died, Mint 9

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Skype just died, Mint 9

Post by geekomatic »

1stly, I know- I'm in the process of moving to 17!

However, within the week-- when I Skyped (via text) a friend, and now, I cannot get Skype to run any more? I can log in on the Skype web-page, so that's fine. But if I try to log in within the program, I get, "server connect failed" in red text on-screen. confused?

I un-installed Skype & reinstalled (via software manager)- nothing.


Me ;)
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Re: Skype just died, Mint 9

Post by Chrisnz »

Hi - i'm thinking your right - upgrade asap.

Backup as you need, Data, Firefox Pwd's etc, Email, Note any special programs and there exports... and then do a clean install - with a fresh version of Skype. The process is little less than time it takes to fix skype on a out of date Op system, however it should "shake the tree" of the "squirrles in the system. ;)
Your'll have a sweet run on the old PC after that and a few extra goodies to play with.
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Re: Skype just died, Mint 9

Post by PatH57 »


skype has done a lot of upgrades and older OS may not like them at all. A lot of security leaks have been closed on skype and without them being also closed on the OS will not run (server connection issue), also skype some of the skype servers have been taken down for maintenance (I noticed a slow down over the last couple of days)

That said before making the move to Mint 17 you may want to consider if your hardware is up to it? Mint17 is relatively new and packs a lot of new features that older hardware will not be able to handle well or not at all.
Please send us your

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inxi -Fxz
so we can advise you on the best Mint for your system.
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Re: Skype just died, Mint 9

Post by Monsta »

Download Skype 4.3 from the official website. Choose "Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit" in the combobox, then download.
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