Minimising data useage in Firefox?

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Minimising data useage in Firefox?

Post by tpprynn »

I use the imageblock add-on with Firefox and have flash blocked also. This is to make my Vodafone mobile broadband data last longer.*** I don't download any files or watch video. I wondered if there's anything else I can do to Firefox or Mint to make my data allowance last longer still. I have used text-based browsers but they aren't ideal. It would be good for me to make Firefox as near as possible to being a text-based browser without making navigation a pain. Thanks for any ideas.

***This has become more expensive and increasingly poor value over the last six years or so but is my only option for now.
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Re: Minimising data useage in Firefox?

Post by all41 »

I use NoScript and Adblock, but for a different end purpose.
other suggestions for limiting content to your browser can be found.
Like this one: ... tethering/
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