Abrupt end to a software revolution

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Re: Abrupt end to a software revolution

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xenopeek wrote: Before proceeding with on-topic discussion, read the link kyphi shared as Munich isn't moving back to Windows.
I wouldn't bet the house on that, xenopeek, this is a full-blown game of political football, with the two very top people at City Hall trying to save their face against some IT-savvy troops on the ground. The relative merits of operating systems are now only marginally relevant, what matters now is who twists arms the stronger.
The next milestone will be the so-called independent report. But - will the deputy mayor succeed in having his pet "experts" write it?
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Re: Abrupt end to a software revolution

Post by kyphi »

Give it a rest expat_tony, you are flogging a dead horse. Politicians are fickle, yes, agreed, whether they are affiliated with the CSU (Christian Social Union of Bavaria) or the CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany). Yes, I am aware of their alliance. After 10 years of Limux, Linux is here to stay in München.
No more FUD please. It was good that you translated the original story but please realise that there are a great many other Linux Mint users that are fluent in the German language (and others) and even more to the point, have expertise in political analysis.
Let this topic be closed.
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