Is this normal?

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Is this normal?

Post by tpprynn »

Having cured my distro-hopping and Windows-Linux seesawing by having one on the laptop, one on the pc, I've settled with 64 bit Mint 17 Cinnamon edition. It's 17.1 that I've installed, with all the updates, and though it's mostly fine it seems a bit glitchy still so I'd like to know if it's just my machine or my combination of software and themes or whether it's about how Cinnamon or Mint are at this point in time.

I find there is a lag when I close some program windows or click some buttons, Nemo and the settings manager quite often. Openshot has always had this pause before the window shuts though they have improved it. It's a small thing but you do notice it after moving from a machine/distro/OS without the issue and I'd just like to know if it's my setup or not. I did find that the current Mate edition seemed to have this issue too, and I'd tried that on both my laptop and an AMD-based quad core 3ghz pc too.

I find that most of the taskbar icons and the menu contents disappear sometimes after an action like going fullscreen with a program and returning from fullscreen. This happened last with Banshee. Maybe this is my Cinnamon theme, which is Crystal at present. [Edit: No, it also happened with the preinstalled Mint-X]

If after that happens I merely logout to log back in and correct it Cinnamon starts only with software rendering, and trying to shutdown from the menu shows an option box with only 'cancel' as an option - a shortened box where restart, shutdown, hibernate etc usually show. When this has happened I've had to hold the power button down for a full immediate shutdown and restart although perhaps I could have put sudo reboot in the terminal.

I have set the power button to switch off without the options like restart etc. It should just go to shutdown but instead gives the list of other options. I thought I'd corrected this once in the past but I see no reference to it in my posts. I'm sure this worked right before updates.

If I experiment with changing to new Cinnamon themes the main menu gets wider and wider with each change, corrected only after a reboot.

So, are these normal?

No moan intended as I do think Mint with the Cinnamon desktop is on the verge of being a great and modern but bling-free thing.

Thanks for any replies.

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Re: Is this normal?

Post by buteman »

It's not something I have experienced. I cannot say what could be causing this problem.
Some questions you might like to think about and possibly answer so others can maybe suggest some cure are:

Did you have Windows on this PC and if so did it have any problems.

Did you just pick a default install or did you customise it.

It's possible you have got some program running in the background which is hogging CPU time.

Have you installed some program outside of the repositories which might be very buggy.
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Re: Is this normal?

Post by InkKnife »

You might want to try going into System Settings/Effects and turn off desktop effects. This makes things faster on older hardware.
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