home media devices

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home media devices


i see that you dont have support for the sony streaming player and thats why im using windows 7 for that...... please come up with support for streaming media devices like ps3 and sony home streaming player..... right now i cnat use either one on linuxmint 13 kde......
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Re: home media devices

Post by gothicpreston »

Streaming media is not a function of the operating system or desktop you choose to run, but the application software you install.
I'm not a KDE user, so I can only refer to what I know of under Cinnamon (Gnome); applications such as VLC will handle streamed media, along with a host of other packages available via the software manager.
Not sure that helps you, but you're question is not really one for the Mint development team, rather for one of the project teams developing the applications for KDE.
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