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Post by denis1 »

if you are suported by Launchpad
why did they anser me this when i asked for help on there site :
Mint is not supported here or any of the Ubuntu support channels. Mint support is entirely separate from Ubuntus.
I suggest you post here:

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Re: Launchpad

Post by xenopeek »

Let's start by being very clear: Launchpad is not a support channel. It is for reporting bugs, not for getting support. If you have a problem or have a question you want help with on Linux Mint, you can use these forums or the Linux Mint IRC channels. If you have a bug, that is if you can show in the source code where it is wrong, then you can report it on Launchpad. Most likely you were sent here not just because you are using Linux Mint but because you didn't actually have a bug to report.

Linux Mint's Launchpad page is here: It's not used much these days as users have unfortunately used it as a support channel so any bug reports are snowed under.

If you have a bug in one of the Linux Mint developed programs, that is one of these, then you can report that bug on GitHub there. Bugs for programs not developed at Linux Mint should better be reported to the maintainer of the package or to the developer of the program. In many cases the Ubuntu maintainers are the maintainers for a package and the package details also list an Ubuntu Launchpad page for reporting bugs. You can report bugs there, just make sure you clearly indicate the version of the package and the Ubuntu package base from which you are using it (you can see yours here:

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