How are mdm face browser images set?

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How are mdm face browser images set?

Post by dbbolton »

I didn't get a response from my [url=]last post[/url] on this issue, so I decided to try to ask the question differently. I could not find this info in the mdm man pages (sections 1 and 8 are what I read). I also tried reading mdm's config files, which wasn't helpful.

IIRC gdm used to use ~/.face or so to set the user's "face" image in the face browser mode. This does not appear to be the case with mdm, as I have tried setting .face to both an actual PNG file and a symbolic link to a file in /usr/share/pixmaps/faces/ but that user still has the default generic face after restarting mdm.

Strangely, when I go to the user account settings, they all appear correctly:


Even stranger, that user with the chess pieces does have the correct face in the browser. This is really driving me crazy
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Re: How are mdm face browser images set?

Post by Hawkeye_52 »

I am also using Linux Mint 13 (with backports activated), so we are pretty much 'apples to apples' in configuration. When I want to change the face image, I go to 'Cinnamon Settings', then select 'Users and Groups'. At that point I am asked for my password, and then am presented with a screen which displays all the active users along the left side of the screen. I left click on the user I want to modify, and then the selected user is displayed on the right hand side of the screen. I move the mouse cursor on to the 'Picture' of the selected user and I left click the mouse cursor. I am offered an option to 'Browse More Pictures' from a drop down menu. I use the drop down menu to navigate to the picture I want to select. I keep a collection of faces that I have collected in a folder in 'Home', although you could use the ones available in 'usr/share/pixmaps/faces', or even add additional ones there. Once you select an appropriate face, you should be able to reboot and have it show up in the MDM start up screen.

BTW, the face image is stored as a hidden file (e.g. '.face') in your 'Home' directory. You can view it by going to 'Home', selecting 'Show Hidden Files' from the 'View' option in the menu.

I hope this helps...

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