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Re: Change refresh rate - Cinnamon

Post by 0ddity »

Turning off vsync didn't change anything, but don't notice screen tearing either. glxgears ran fine, solid 60 fps and using about 3% of CPU and .3% of memory. Thanks for trying to help guys, I think I'm just going to have to get used to it.

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Re: Change refresh rate - Cinnamon

Post by eanfrid »

The radeon driver cannot then work better on your system than it does at the moment. I guess that the resolution you use is a bit overwhelming for the GPU in full compositing. I have a desktop HD4670 GPU and until I tried Cinnamon on my 1680x1050 LCD it did a good job. I finally reverted to MATE on my main desktop and bought a HD6770 to ensure a better display. The HD4670 is now dedicated to a 1440x900 display where it still looks good even with Cinnamon.
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