Installing AMD DRivers ... help

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Installing AMD DRivers ... help

Post by morcar » Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:00 am

Lets face it. When your going to use Steam the open sorce drivers just dont cut it for performance so when I installed this awesome OS I have come up to a brick wall in what to get and do to installing the drivers for my Radeon R9 270 graphics card.

I really hope someone can help me out here or I can see me going to a different distro and to be honest i really dont want too.

Thanks for your time and any advice you can give.

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Re: Installing AMD DRivers ... help

Post by zaileion » Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:15 pm

I'm no GNU/Linux guru but ill post what i've learned thus far:

You first need to install the dependencies. I don't know what these are for SteamOS so you'll have to find that elsewhere. You can keep trying the bottom instructions as frequently as you need while trying to find the correct dependencies.

1. Download the drivers from ATI
A. goto
B. scroll down to manually select your driver
C. Go through steps 1 – 5 (Step 4 is Linux x84_64 most likely)
2. Open your file manager and navigate to the Downloads folder
3. Right click on the driver and select “extract here”
4. Now right click the .zip file and move to trash (this will save you a lot of typing in a few minutes)
5. Right click on the run file and select “Properties”
6. Click the “Permissions” tab
7. Make sure “Allow to be executable” is checked (its at the bottom of the window)

8. Press CTRL+ALT+F2 which will drop you to a terminal (to go back to the desktop press CTRL+ALT+F7) and login with your normal login info
9. Type the following:

Code: Select all

cd /home/<your name>/Downloads
dont type the < > and in your name ts your login name. Press Enter. This should change you to the Downloads directory.
10. Type the following:

Code: Select all

and press Enter
11. This will show you the ridiculously long name of the .run file you extracted from step 3 above.
12. Type the following:

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sudo sh amd-driver-
then press TAB… (Cool it automatically fills in the file name (this only occurs when you've typed enough to make sure there are no other like named files, thus the reason for step 4) press Enter.

13. Select Run in Terminal
14. Now basically its just like a Winodws® installation. Simply click next and yes and whatever to default through the install. RANT: Gotta love Windows® easy to use for everyone but the adverse effect of that is ignorance about computing. My belief, this is one of the primary reasons for such high levels of security issues. If no one knows how to use a computer, then no one can protect themselves.
15. Moving on from that tangent… type the following:

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 sudo amdconfig --adapter=all –initial
16. Reboot and Good Luck!!!

Now here are my personal side notes. I've installed this damn driver a million times and more then once I couldn't boot into X and found out your driver install will produce better results without X running. Which brought me to this site to post a thread asking how to do this.


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