KDE-Connect-Indicator no phone icon (SOLVED)

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KDE-Connect-Indicator no phone icon (SOLVED)

Post by LKB »

If this appears also in another section sorry, had trouble with original post.

I'm now using Mint as my regular OS as I found Kubuntu to be a bit unstable and buggie. I really love Mints' stability. On the KDE desktop I used KDE-Connect which enables a network between your phone and desktop, it is very good. I now see that there is a program called KDE-Connect-Indicator which enables you to use KDE-Connect on Ubuntu. I installed the program on Mint with out a problem. However when you launch the program a phone icon is supposed to appear in your panel which has a pop up menu to enable the network, (similar to Bluetooth connection) but unfortunately the phone icon does not appear in Mint. The program welcome screen appears but no icon in the panel.

Has anyone used KDE-connect-indicator on Mint or know why it might work on Ubuntu but not Mint?

It's a lovely program and I'm sure many Mint users would appreciate it. LKB

SOLVED: Like most solutions it's easy once you know how although it took me a while to figure out. For KDE-connect-indicator to place a phone icon in the mint panel you have to first select /system settings/appearance/themes/icons/default.kde4 , this will provide the necessary kde icon in the panel so you can pair with your smart phone.

If anyone would like a step by step in installation of KDE-connect for Mint just reply and I'll do one, it's a great app. well worth installing. Cheers
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Re: KDE-Connect-Indicator no phone icon (SOLVED)

Post by bmac6446 »

I found the required folder, but it shows it linked to the Oxygen folder. What's up with that?
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