XCF thumbnails [GNOME] [MATE]

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XCF thumbnails [GNOME] [MATE]

Post by MintRainbow »

Just a quick post about these; If you've used GIMP, you've probably used the XCF format once or twice. Maybe, multiple times depending on if you're working with a project where you need to perform many iterations for a client; you could shove your iterations of a project into a new folder if not already there and make a screencap of them all at once, so a client can then see a PNG or JPG with all iterations depending on image size, without needing to stitch them together and export to a format something that isn't GIMP can open, should you upload somewhere on the web that supports XCF.

For general user convenience, it's just nice to not wonder what your image files look like, or need to open GIMP first-thing to see what you have. While this should be pre-configured out of the box, we don't (yet) live in an ideal world, so for now you'll have to set all of this up yourself.

Note that because there are issues with the package and how the binary installs files, the provided set of commands below deletes some directories. These will be noted in the series, with appropriate comments


Code: Select all

### Install XCF thumbnailer
sudo apt-get install -y gnome-xcf-thumbnailer
### Make thumbnailer file
### Decomment the below if directory does not exist;
# sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/thumbnailers/
echo -e "[Thumbnailer Entry]\nTryExec=gnome-xcf-thumbnailer\nExec=gnome-xcf-thumbnailer %i %o\nMimeType=image/x-xcf;image/x-compressed-xcf;" | sudo tee /usr/share/thumbnailers/gnome-xcf.thumbnailer
### Delete created directories
rm -r ~/.thumbnails/fail
rm -r ~/.cache/thumbnails/fail
### Kill file manager; Use as-is or modify for system;
nautilus -q
nemo -q
caja -q
Save the above as a new shell script, or roll into existing deployment scripts for automated installation. What you should see when you re-open your file manager are XCF files having thumbnails when browsing directories which have them.

Information sources
Might be a good idea to credit where I originally received this information from, so the kind people at Web Upd8 had an article about this, and I did a little more with it for this thread.
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Re: XCF thumbnails [GNOME] [MATE]

Post by xenopeek »

Thanks! I'm using Gnome Shell with Nautilus and this also works for that.
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