Evolution Email - Restore backup problem

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Evolution Email - Restore backup problem

Post by dwainehead »

I have an old data file which I restored because somehow in my latest backup my address book got corrupted and it lost my contacts and will not add new ones.
But when I restore the old file it over-writes the new file and I don't have my latest emails, about a years worth, any ideas?
I see there is an import option but it says I do not have the import filters installed?? I have no idea which library to add for that..

This a fresh install of Betsy, yesterday, the data is from my old lmde1 up8 installation.

LMDE x64 20120409 UP5 AMD FX 4100 x4 3.6gHz Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 16g Corsair Vengeance PC1600 Hitachi 750gig sata 3 EVGA Geforce 550Ti 1g kernel 3.2.0-3
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Re: Evolution Email - Restore backup problem

Post by dclement »


I hope you backed up your current mail first. Assuming this, the evolution.backup file is merely a .tar.gz file which you can extract and browse. You probably want to extract just the .local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db file and put it into the same subdirectory of your home.

However, if Evolution was upgraded since you did the old backup, it may not work as simply.

HTH, Daniel

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