Mint Update update keeps reappearing

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Locutus of Borg
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Re: Mint Update update keeps reappearing

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- "...a faulty drive (its an SSD..."

The hardware is now suspect, although it still could be usable for a fresh install (like if the power failure damaged only the data on the drive, but not the drive itself). The inability to format a partition, or delete and create new ones suggests disk corruption, or a hardware failure. Cosmo's observation hits the target; it's probably time to run some diagnostic/disk tools (from bootable USB or external disk) and verify you've got a healthy system drive, or replace the failing drive. SSD's can be tricky, they fail differently than standard disk drives.

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Re: Mint Update update keeps reappearing

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Drive's been replaced. I was already running diagnostics from a live usb system and it still wouldn't clear the data.

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