How to Install GRAMPS 4.2.2 in Rosa (Family Tree Maker alternative)

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How to Install GRAMPS 4.2.2 in Rosa (Family Tree Maker alternative)

Post by ralplpcr »

Since the topic of "How to I get my Family Tree Maker working under Linux Mint?" seems to come up fairly often, I thought I'd document my attempts here. The response is often "Try Gramps"... however the version of Gramps in the software manager is old, and partially broken. :( I did some experimenting, and was able to successfully get the latest current version 4.2.2 installed on Rosa, so decided to document it in case it might help others.

Here's what I did. NOTE: This procedure is not officially supported by the developers of Mint, and requires the installation of external packages. Attempt at your own risk!

This has been tested in Cinnamon. I haven't tried it yet on the other Mint versions... but will update this post once I am able to do so with the results.
UPDATE: This has now been tested on Cinnamon, KDE, MATE, and XFCE - works perfectly across all 4 main versions.

Step 1: If you have FTM working under Windows, make a backup of your family tree. I recommend exporting in GEDCOM format, since that seems to be the default "standard", and imports nicely into Gramps.

Step 2: Download the following package from

Code: Select all

This is a compiled Ubuntu package for Ubuntu Xenial... but we're going to tweak it to make it work on Rosa.
Once it's downloaded, you can go ahead & install it.... but don't try to run Gramps yet, as it will throw errors.

Step 3: Run the following commands in your terminal:

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gir1.2-gexiv2-0.10
sudo apt-get install gtk+-3.0-dev libgirepository1.0-dev checkinstall
sudo apt-get install gnome-common gtk-doc-tools
Step 4: Download the following 3 packages from ... ld/6152633
(scroll down to the "Built Files" section)

Code: Select all

Once they have all downloaded, install them with your package manager.

Step 5: You should now have Gramps listed in your installed programs. Go ahead & launch it, and make sure there are no errors when it starts up.

Step 6: Gramps should prompt you to create a new family tree as your first step. Create one (call it whatever you like), and then load it.

Step 7: Once you've opened your blank family tree, use the dropdown from the "FamilyTree" menu in the upper-left corner, and select "Import".
Point it to your backup file that was created in step 1, and let it do the import.
Step 8: You should now be done! You may need to re-associate any pictures/documents that were present in FTM, as those aren't supported in the GEDCOM format, but all your people/relationships/family into etc. should now be available in Gramps.

I'm certainly no expert on FTM or Gramps, but I hope this will be helpful for those who do want to continue their genealogical research, and are having difficulty moving to Linux due to not having support for Family Tree Maker.

EDIT: Updated text to include KDE, MATE, and XFCE as also tested
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Re: How to Install GRAMPS 4.2.2 in Rosa (Family Tree Maker alternative)

Post by hegohaize »

Great! Worked perfectly for me. Thanks a lot. :)
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Re: How to Install GRAMPS 4.2.2 in Rosa (Family Tree Maker alternative)

Post by Cinammon32 »

Gramps 4.2.6 is available from the Gramps Download site as a xenial v16.04 LTS if you don't mind adding a PPA. Previous steps seem to work just fine. ... wnload#BSD
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Re: How to Install GRAMPS 4.2.2 in Rosa (Family Tree Maker alternative)

Post by Petermint »

Gramps 5.0.0

Open the Synaptic Package Manager
Search for gexiv2.
Select and install gir1.2-gexiv2-0.10 and libgexiv2-2.

Search for osmgpsmap.
libosmgpsmap-1.0-1 was already installed. Select gir1.2-osmgpsmap-1.0 and install it. This is the bit to connect to Python.

Install Gramps 5.0.0 as per the Gramps instructions. You can just download the DEB package for Debian Linux then right click the downloaded file and select the install option.
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Re: How to Install GRAMPS 4.2.2 in Rosa (Family Tree Maker alternative)

Post by Shadowstreik »

" Version 5.0.1, a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

See: ... e_a_backup "

Could the software manager and/or PPA be updated to match?

Thank you.
Shadowstreik of Ragnar AnKorage
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