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Howdy Folks,

Starting another thread here since I've never configured RAID within Mint. Gigabyte 990fx-Gaming systemboard w/SB950 southbridge, AMD FX-6350 processor, and 16GB RAM. Boot drive is an HGST 320gb with another WD 1.5TB for pagefile and currently my mass storage.

Technically, I've already configured "FakeRAID" under Windows, mirroring 2 WD 3TB drives. BIOS has RAID enabled for the SATA ports and I've got a perfectly functional logical mirror in Windows 10.

Both Mint v18 & Debian v8.5.0, however, see the (2) drives comprising the mirror as individual drives. I have access to the files just fine, but writing to one drive doesn't write to its partner. Been searching thru dmraid documentation and mdraid as well. DMRAID sees no RAID arrays whatsoever.

End result I'm seeking is simply to see a big ole logical NTFS partition and perform normal read/write functions. Not seeking to make it my boot drive or anything, just fault tolerant mass storage. Ultimate goal is to copy everything from the 1.5TB standalone drive onto the mirror once Linux recognizes it as a mirror.

TIA for any suggestions!
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