Press F1 to Select User <- Why did it ask this?

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Press F1 to Select User <- Why did it ask this?

Post by SineB »

Installed Mint 18 a couple of months ago. Been working great. In the last two weeks a couple of weird things popped up that make me suspicious. Might be legit, but you never know...

1. A popup about about Keyring & password not set, or w.e. Only happens when I use Chrome (and only started happening in the past week or two). It's really annoying to be logging into email or something and typing along when suddenly a box pops up and now suddenly I'm typing in the stupid keyring box instead of the webpage I was just on. What is this? Why did it suddenly start happening?

2. Today I logged in as usual (btw, I auto login but enter a password to decrypt the disk) and then screen started showing different backgrounds/wallpapers and said to press F1 to select a user, or else user "me" would be logged in automatically in x seconds. Since I am the only user on the computer I wanted to hit F1 out of curiosity, but by the time I read the message, found the F1 key (don't laugh, it was dark and Toshiba doesn't label it's function keys with big giant numbers like most) the system had already counted down and selected me. So my question is: What is this? Why did this happen today (just now) and not in the previous months I've been using Mint?

Anyway... i realize I'm being paranoid but the other day my cable router was in WPS pairing mode by itself and after some research I disabled the feature (and you should too!), changed my admin username/password but now I'm spooked. TIA for any reassurance.
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Re: Press F1 to Select User <- Why did it ask this?

Post by Cosmo. »

@ #2:
There are indeed 2 auto-login mechanisms in Mint: auto-login and timed auto-login. Auto-login is known not being reliable (that answers one part of your question) in Mint 18; if this happens, auto-login jumps in and logs you in after 10 seconds (if you don't do anything). During the time-out you have the choice to login another user (if there is any). You can now press F1 as indicated to enter the user-name at first, but it is more convenient to simply press the up arrow key to select it from the list; of course you can also point the account with the mouse.
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Re: Press F1 to Select User <- Why did it ask this?

Post by rumpus »

#1..I get the popup telling me to login to the keyring that I don't have when I open google chrome.
This started after a few updates about 2 weeks ago. I found this.
but I am new to computers and this happens on my main computer, so I just put in my password and it doesn't happen for the rest of the
It doesn't happen on my laptop I use to play and learn from.
Perhaps the gurus can help....r
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