Is this glorious customization still possible?

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Is this glorious customization still possible?

Post by _Josue_ »

Well, this is my first post in the linux mint forums.
let's see... where to start... please watch the youtube video first.
then please bear this with me.

I come back to linux from a long time of underusing it.
back in the Ubuntu 7.10 days I managed to install compiz and configure it at least
decently enough to get that cube working with wobbly windows and some effects.

Now, I usually try to solve all the mess I make all by myself just googling for info,
but this time, I got tired of doing it.

I must say after many disappointments with Ubuntu 14.04 I decided to go for Linux mint Mate.
Not without some disappointments, I managed to do most of this with my old PC running Linux Mint Mate
(a 10 year old Pentium D processor with 2 GB of RAM and a Nvidia 9500 GT card)
just like I managed years ago with Ubuntu 7.10, however I still miss some of the fancy effects. I really wonder why things have to be like this.

Now, while I stiil keep that old PC, I acquired a new laptop, so, I downloaded Linux Mint KDE (as you may have already noticed, the video says it was done with ubuntu and KDE)

but after fiddling with it I was baffled. it's just not the same cube! So, Is this possible in Linux mint KDE? if so what should I do to achieve it? or Should I keep trying with mate instead? I have had a problem with mate though: I wanted grouped window functionality, and the only applet that did it well is currently outdated and doesn't work Dockbarx.
Now mate dock applet tries to succeed where the latter fell behind, but it is still being developed, lacking features, etc. that's the other reason I downloaded KDE.
I had already posted some comments about both projetcts in their respective github source pages, with little luck. both developers are too busy to get anything done anytime soon.
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