Strange Screensaver/Light-Locker Behavior in LM 18.1

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Strange Screensaver/Light-Locker Behavior in LM 18.1

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Hi all-
I hope I am posting this in the correct sub-forum.
This issue may also effect other Mint desktop environments.

On a fresh and clean install of LM Cinnamon 18.1 with all updates. Here are system details... ... d4d35ba8de

This system has two accounts: Admin and one Standard account which only has user/home priviledges.

The problem occurs when starting in Admin, then "switching users" into Standard for some time, then attempting to switch back to Admin.

The issue is that something is causing Screensaver/Light locker to not fully release to the Admin desktop.
It is as if I am seeing two "layers" of Light Locker.
I can password through the first layer, but the second layer remains in place, and I cannot bring up the password login box; only the Background image and the clock with away message text are visible.
And the second layer's behavior is more like the Mint 18.2 Light Locker where the clock moves around the screen.
I believe the 18.2 Screensaver had options for clock animation, but 18.1 doesn't.

What is interesting is that the desktop actually seems to be unlocked but I just can't see past the "second" locker.
I can push my computer's power button and though I can't see the prompt, I can hit enter and Mint will shut down the computer.

Media keys will work in this "second layer" whereas in the actual locker, they don't (as I have them disabled in the Screensaver prefs).

Further to this, this second layer of locker can itself be locked with CTL+ALT+L.
In fact, by doing this, I was able to then see the "actual" Light locker and could click on the "switch user" icon to return to MDM and then either go to another account, reboot or shutdown.
So I think I am reaching the desktop, but I just can't see it!

The Power Manager is set to never suspend the computer.
Screensaver is set for 45 Min delay; lock when put to sleep; lock 15 seconds after Screensaver starts.

Anyone seen this one before???

Thanks in advance!

[EDIT:] Just to say this bug is causing Cinnamon crashes as well on the rare cases when I can actually get back to and see the Admin desktop. The only thing that seems to work is the App's Menu and also was able to CNTL+ALT+ESC to restart Cinnamon, though it took a couple of tries.

Very strange behavior and not acceptable to systems running multiple user accounts.

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