Can't create a shortcut to a folder

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Can't create a shortcut to a folder

Post by thevenerable »

I wan't to create a shortcut in Mint to my Windows folders (Im on dual boot)
But I see no option to create shortcut
Please advise

''Open the Desktop folder in one pane, and the source folder in the other pane.
Click on the folder or file you want to symlink.
Hold down SHIFT-CTRL and drag the folder to the other pane. A symlink will be magically created.''

Why we can't just right click the mouse is beyond me.
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Re: Can't create a shortcut to a folder

Post by jimallyn »

The computer I'm on at this moment has XFCE on it, not Cinnamon. In XFCE, right click in the file manager, then click Create Symlink. I don't have a computer with Cinnamon on it with me at the moment, but my home computer uses Cinnamon, and I'm sure I have created shortcuts on that, too. I can't imagine it's much harder than on XFCE.

Update: I just remembered there is another computer in the house, and I have 18.2 Cinnamon on a bootable USB stick. So I booted into Cinnamon, opened the File Manager, and I sure don't see an easy way to create a shortcut. You're right, that should be added to the right click menu.

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Re: Can't create a shortcut to a folder

Post by yertchuk »

I realize this is a bit late, but I happened on this thread while I was looking for ways to create symlinks from the Cinnamon GUI. Actually, it's simple: you highlight the target file (not right click) and then select the 'edit' drop down menu. "Make Link" then appears!

I do agree that this should ideally be shown after right click, but at least it can be done quite easily.
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Re: Can't create a shortcut to a folder

Post by Mute Ant »

Since Windows98 'Send to Desktop' has implied 'Make a Symbolic Link', then move the link to where you want it.
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