Installing newest kernel through Update Manager

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Installing newest kernel through Update Manager

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To install the latest kernel (or any specific kernel you wish to use) the easy way...

This will also patch the Meltdown/Spectre security bug.
  • Kernel 4.4 is supported until 2021
  • Kernel 4.13 is supported until 2018 August >> END OF LIFE, please upgrade! <<
  • Kernel 4.15 is supported until 2023 April
  • Kernel 4.18 is supported until 2019 August >> END OF LIFE, please upgrade! <<
  • Kernel 5.0 is supported until 2020 February
  • All other kernels shown in Update Manager are not supported any more, they don't receive any (security) updates any more

Open Update Manager (it's in your mint menu, you can also open it by clicking the grey shield icon on your panel (taskbar))

In Update Manager in the menu bar click View >> Linux Kernels

You'll see something like this:


In the left column, choose whichever kernel version you wish to install (if you were told to upgrade kernel in #linuxmint-help, you'll want to install kernel 5.0 most likely,
In the right column, choose the highest number available

Click Install and wait for the installation to complete
If you do experience problems while booting, hold down left SHIFT key while booting to enter the GRUB menu, here you can choose to boot from your previously working kernel. (letter E for advanced boot options)

It is highly advised to always keep at least 1 kernel that you know was working on top of the kernel you're currently using, so that if you ever run into issues, you can go back to a previous kernel that you knew worked.
In order to activate the new kernel, you'll have to reboot.
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