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Forum and Topic Icon Legend

Post by xenopeek »

This is a summary of the forum and topic icons and what they mean. Red icons mean the forum or topic has posts you haven't read yet while green icons mean there aren't.

A red star emblem on a topic icon means you have posted on that topic.

For topics with attachments a paperclip is shown with their title. For topics with unread posts a red file is shown with their title.

ImageImage - Forum
ImageImage - Forum with subforums
ImageImage - Locked forum

ImageImage - Announcement topic
ImageImage - Sticky topic (always shown at the beginning of a forum's topics list)
ImageImage - Popular topic (unlocked topics with at least 25 posts)
ImageImage - Normal topic
ImageImage - Locked announcement topic
ImageImage - Locked sticky topic
ImageImage - Locked normal topic

Image - Link to forum (not used)
Image - Moved topic (not used)
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