Bulk-Renamer Nemo Option

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Bulk-Renamer Nemo Option

Post by mttr » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:52 pm

I am using the Bulk-Renamer for (Thunar) but having an error when using
https://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1935, it doesn't seem to work when you select two file and select right click > rename.

The reason I want to use it with Nemo is I can select a number of files from different directories and have them all inserted in the Bulk-renamer at once as the Bulk-renamer does not allow you to select a few folders and have all the files that are in the folders inserted for renaming.

So I tried from the terminal
thunar --bulk-rename %F and I get the error
Thunar: Error when getting information for file '/home/user/%F : No such file or directory

if I use
thunar --bulk-rename > it opens the app ok

Ok so I think I have solved this issue

if I remove the %F when putting the line without quotes "thunar --bulk-rename" in the Nemo > preference > behaviour > Bulk Renaming command line section (last line in behaviour preference) it seems to work with files from different directories.

Hope that helps folks.

Moderator: fixed link.

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