FOSS Equivalent to Nest Cam IQ / Nest Aware?

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FOSS Equivalent to Nest Cam IQ / Nest Aware?

Post by FuLl »

I saw this [1] Nest product recently & I like it but wow, SO expensive.

I see Xeoma has a similar, yet proprietary linux app [2], but still a bit pricey.

Wondering if anyone's aware if a FOSS equivalent exists that would work with a generic off-brand ONVIF P/T IR IP Camera.


[2] ... cognition/
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Re: FOSS Equivalent to Nest Cam IQ / Nest Aware?

Post by Chrisnz »

I too am currently looking at what Linux has for Security software to monitor ours and the only I found was in my Synaptic file manager was "ZoneMinder"

I'm running MINT 17.3 "Rosa" and the Swann Brand Cameras,
With Thermal Cameras - as "Motion" detect was just so annoying with too may "false positives"
3MP Bullet style - +

Im still trying to get that talking to the system!

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Re: FOSS Equivalent to Nest Cam IQ / Nest Aware?

Post by phd21 »

HI FuLl,

Depending on the software and cameras used, you can avoid "false" or unwanted motion recording by selecting or limiting the motion detection area of the cameras.

1.) +1 for the excellent free ZoneMinder (ZM) application.
ZoneMinder - Home

2.) There is also the very good "Motion" application.
Motion- GuideInstallation ... stallation

An introduction to basic motion detection on Linux ... -on-linux/

3.) I just noticed this one as well
Install On Ubuntu · ccrisan/motioneye Wiki ... -On-Ubuntu

Passive infrared sensor - Wikipedia

How PIRs Work | PIR Motion Sensor | Adafruit Learning System ... -pirs-work

There are many posts in this forum on ZoneMinder and Motion.

Hope this helps ...
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