Can I move /boot to a new HDD this easily?

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Can I move /boot to a new HDD this easily?

Post by lazarus » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:49 am

My current HDD is 3TB with 2TB unpartitioned, as I wanted to see how LM would fit on a 1TB HDD and the 3TB was all I had to hand at the time. The time has come to replace it with a real 1TB HDD so I can use the 3TB elsewhere.

In the tutorial sub-forum, there's the thread Moving the root partition to a new drive. which is pretty much what I expect to be doing. However...

Using GParted to copy a partition (eg. bios_grub) results in duping the UUID? Can I use that to my advantage?

Considering that most of the tute thread is about changing the 'copied' UUID I'm wondering whether, if I partition the new HDD identically to the used part of the current boot HDD, use GParted to clone the partitions (no /swap) and shut-down, physically remove the current boot HDD and physically replace it with the fresh copy, then reboot, is there any need to follow through with the rest of the tute?

After all, same UUID, should be allocated to the same /dev/sd<x> as plugged into same physical location and everything else is cloned... Shouldn't need to update grub or initramfs or...

Am I dreaming? Can it possibly be that simple? What have I missed?
- Andy

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