Mint 19 VMPlayer VM Flashing Black desktop boxes under Cinnamon

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Mint 19 VMPlayer VM Flashing Black desktop boxes under Cinnamon

Post by bcrier » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:38 pm

I checked prior to posting this and found the "Flashing black borders around windows with Nvidia-390 and Mint 19" posting. The solution in it did not help. Wanted to create a new topic as I wanted to add specificity of issue I am seeing.

I am running Mint 19 (details below) as a Guest VM under VMWorkstation. I have a NVidia 1080-Ti card but Mint appears to be using the standard Display drivers, or at least I don't see any NVidia drivers under the Driver Manager. I tried installing NVidia drivers in Mint but got a message that no NVidia compatible hardware was found. 3D acceleration under VM is enabled. I have allocated 8GB RAM, 2 Cores and 1 GB of RAM for Display.

Problem is that I keep seeing black boxes and borders on the desktop. They appear when I switch windows, open programs, close programs or sometimes even when I just interact with a window. Clicking on the dektop makes them go away until I do any of the actions in prior line.

This does not happen under Mint 18.3. I have checked a number of posts but could not find a solution. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Bobby

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