NetworkManager-wait-online.service : Do I need it?

Connection sharing, Firewall, Samba..etc
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NetworkManager-wait-online.service : Do I need it?

Post by AndyMH »

Largest single contributor to boot time:

Code: Select all

andy@T430 ~ $ systemd-analyze blame
          7.408s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
           460ms vboxdrv.service
           445ms networking.service
           438ms lvm2-monitor.service
           412ms accounts-daemon.service
           403ms ModemManager.service
           397ms loadcpufreq.service
           390ms upower.service
           340ms systemd-logind.service
           339ms thermald.service
           328ms dev-sda1.device
           257ms virtualbox-guest-utils.service
           256ms nmbd.service
           246ms ondemand.service
What do I lose if I disable it?
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Re: NetworkManager-wait-online.service : Do I need it?

Post by gm10 »

Disable it and find out. ;)

It exists to ensure that the boot process can access remote resources. Which isn't relevant to any default configuration, so you should know if you need it. I have it disabled.
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