ThinkPad 700C chipsets: the origin of the names "Mint" and "Cinnamon"?

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ThinkPad 700C chipsets: the origin of the names "Mint" and "Cinnamon"?

Post by ModelMman » Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:43 pm

Hi there, first post!

I'm currently reading "How the ThinkPad Changed the World" by Arimasa Naitoh ("father" of the ThinkPad), and there is something interesting on page 45:

"To save time and money, we started with a chipset code-named Spice that we had developed for other products in the Japanese market. Mitsuo Tabo, the technical leader of chipset development in those days, reminds me that this new chipset became nicknamed Spice II because it evolved from the first Spice. We thought we were being very clever by giving each chip a spice code name. The display controller chip was Cinnamon, the clock in the central processing unit was Mint, the memory controller was Laurel, the peripheral controller was Allspice II, the low power small computer system interface controller was Basil, and the power management and system management controller was Ginger."

So, is this just a coincidence or did Linux Mint and the Cinnamon desktop take their names from these chipsets? :-)

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Re: ThinkPad 700C chipsets: the origin of the names "Mint" and "Cinnamon"?

Post by Pierre » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:26 am

since I've bought a whole bunch of Thinkpad's some years back,
& they do run really well with Linux Systems.

the later later versions, are not as good, from what I've read.

it's sure is interesting on how those names were used, back in the early days,
but that would be by pure chance.
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