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Re: Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa” Cinnamon – BETA Release

Post by sercamiz » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:26 pm

Dear Clem,
I wrote as a comment at November newsletter, commenting that
"I could not install Cinnamon 19.0, as I signaled in the forum, because good drivers for my Nvidia GTX 1060 were not available. Thus, I am now with Debian Cinnamon 9.6 and Kernel 4.18.0. The computer (a Santech C67, equal to Clevo N860EP6) works but without optimizing the double video card structure (it has an Intel UHD 630 too) and the movies go jerkily. Do you think that 19.1 will solve the problem? Is it possible to load nVidia drivers? In Debian I didn’t succeed."

You answered me prompting for more details: here they go:
The start of the image of Tanja worked and the installation too (but the restart had to be stopped because it got hanged). Then the boot from the hard disk remained hanged. In fact, there were three drivers missing: video, audio, and wifi. I asked for help in the forum, but I did not receive any.
You may find all the details at the url:
Eventually, after many attempts, I succeeded installing Debian 9.6 with Cinnamon, but yet I have problems with the video card (the movie is jerky) and the shut down freezes before shutting.
Tell me how to communicate directly, thanks for helping me. Consider that I may communicate in French too (even better!)
Kind regards
Sergio Camiz

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