Can all Linux computers still be hacked in 10 seconds via "mousejacking"?

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Re: Can all Linux computers still be hacked in 10 seconds via "mousejacking"?

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The short answer is don't use a wireless mouse. You can still find decent wired ones (i use them!).

The reason i don't use wireless mice is actually because i don't like having to worry about batteries (i have enough of those to think about with fire alarms and wall clocks and various other devices), and i don't like that they sometimes can lose their connection (even just for a milisecond) which can result in a disjointed experience.

I also don't like the idea of 'too much' wireless info floating around bouncing into my cells all the time, just because this is a new part of the human experience and it will take us a while to fully see the effects in our biology. Some say the rise in cancers could be down to all this 'wireless' data we are now exposed to, which may or may not be true.

So just buy and use a wired mouse = problem solved :)

:tinfoil hat on:

In truth nothing about modern electronics is secure, they are all designed with backdoors and exploits so our governments can keep an eye on us. So worrying about security is kind of moot. They know who you are, where you are, and who you mix with already.

One aspect of all this increased sophistication in electronics and surviellence is that 'criminals' now find it easier to expolit those same systems. So basically it is not just your wireless mouse you should be concerned about. What about your mobile phone(Apple/Samsung etc)? What about your laptop/PC with internet access in general? What about your OS (Windows 10!)? What about your Amazon Echo or Fitbit device? Or your use of Google? Your wireless mouse is just the tip of a very large data-gathering and survilence iceberg.

:tinfoil hat off:
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