Fan noise even at idle state

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Fan noise even at idle state

Post by mohsenmgr »

Hello there. I am a newcomer to the beautiful linux community so I am not very technical however I worked with linux from time to time.
I recently installed linux mint cinnamon on my Dell N5110 Inspiron. Installing graphic card was very easy thanks to the embedded application in Mint for installation.
Now I installed Nvidia proprietary graphics and thought i was done but there are some issues.

1- When I was on the Nvidia profile and playing a fairly old game (portal 1) my laptop suddenly turned off, but then again as a guy who was with this laptop for almost 9 years I know it was too hot to the touch because my hand rest area was super hot.

2- I switched to the Intel HD graphics profiles and tried the game again. this time laptop did not turn off.

The things I wrote might help you understand the problem but the main issue for me is the fan noise. At idol workload i am talking about no open browser tab, no open program and just laptop sitting on my desk doing nothing, The fans do not stop. They are running, not too load as when i am gaming but still noticeable. As of right now my desktop widget shows me around 57 degree of temperature, ram at 1.6 and cpu fluctuating between 16 percent all the way to 27 percent.

I have installed another linux operating system which is called MX linux and i love both of them but MX is just super quite ! I mean so quiet! There i also installed nvidia graphics.

I just want my laptop to work quietly when it is not under stress or heavy or moderate load. What shall i do ?

Thanks all

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Re: Fan noise even at idle state

Post by redx87 »

It sounds like you don't have the correct driver to operate you card's features. Linux Mint usually installs Nvidia driver version #380 by default but your card may need a later version. I had a similar problem where I couldn't get my GPU fans to run but resolved it with the following procedure.

1. You first need to visit Nvidia's website to find out the number of the Linux driver version for your card. When you have that information, type the following commands into a command Terminal (without the quotes)

2. To add graphics driver repository to system

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

3. Then

sudo apt update

4. Exit terminal and then open Linux Mint “Driver Manager” from the start menu and select the Nvidia driver number you need. It takes some time for the change to complete. Restart O/S when prompted.

This procedure installs a bunch of Nvidia Linux drivers from #390 upwards. I myself needed #418 for my Graphics card and when I had changed to that number my problem was solved.

Hope this helps.

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