Slower and slower boot speed.

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Slower and slower boot speed.

Post by jsesbad »

Hi, everyone,

I installed Linuxmint Cinnamon 19.1 two years ago on my duo XEON 2630v2/64GB/512GB-SSD system.

It was very fast in the 1st year.

It become slower and slower booting since 1 year ago, and sometimes it dead locked after BIOS prompt.

Can anyone have suugestion to me other than re-install OS?

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Re: Slower and slower boot speed.

Post by RIH »

Put the following 2 commands into the terminal & then copy & paste the results back on this thread between the Code Display (</>) tags.

Code: Select all

- this will show how long it actually took to boot.

Code: Select all

systemd-analyze blame
- this will show which items took what time in descending time taken.

I am sure that someone will then be able to give you advice.

Posting the result of putting

Code: Select all

inxi -Fxz
in a thread can also give other posters a great deal of information about your system & may avoid people sending you down an incorrect path.
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Re: Slower and slower boot speed.

Post by blueocean »

Also check to see how much free space is available with

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sudo df -Th
and post the results.
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