Installing Cinnamon 2 errors Ugh!

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Installing Cinnamon 2 errors Ugh!

Post by G8CVF »

I had Cinnamon and windows working fine together years ago and thought I'll 'give it another go. Simples I thought but no. I have the basic program on the desktop fine and it seems to work fine too so thought time to INSTALL the program Simples I again thought but "WRONG".

As it installs it comes up with 2 errors (but not at the same time) one tells me my install CD/DVD could be dirty but I'm using a USB stick fresh download from Mint. And the second is almost straight away I get an error message exit code 10 UBI PARTMAN (pic attached) I tried try again" but it fails when I try "Continue Anyway" it's accepted but the install 'looks as if it's installing but it ain't it will go on turning forever..

If you can help you'll go straight to the top of my Christmas card list. But please be gentle I am on the wrong side of 80 years but giving it another go.

Regards Peter'

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Re: Installing Cinnamon 2 errors Ugh!

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It might be to do with the way the image was copied to the USB.
How did you do it?

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