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air-console serial bluetooth

Post by dl_sledding »

Anyone ever tried using the bluetooth serial adapter named "air-console" from It's a bluetooth serial port device, to allow serial connections to things like routers and switches.

Their instructions are meant for Ubuntu 14, so not perfect for me running Mint 19 but close. I just cannot get the thing to pair using the command steps that they are suggesting.

For instance, they suggest in the doc to use "hcitool scan" to see the airconsole's MAC. Though I can see the airconsole in my Bluetooth GUI tool (along with nine other devices), I do not see it when using hcitool. In fact, I see much fewer devices (like, one or two!) using hcitool than in my GUI tool, and the list in hcitool changes every time I run it! Doesn't seem to be stable or accurate at all. Or, more likely, I just don't know what the heck I'm doing.

The instructions for pairing and setting up the airconsole as a serial device are at ... erial-port. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this thing to work, or even some pointers and tips on BT devices on Mint, I'd really appreciate it. I am trying to get help from them as well, but they are based in NZ, and the time difference will probably be an issue.



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