How do you remember bits of sudo code?

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Re: How do you remember bits of sudo code?

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A lot of is what I would describe as "muscle memory". There are some commands that I can never get right without looking them up, or at least failing them once and get them right the second time. For example I can never remember if it's "xstart" or "startx". Other commands I even use in the windows cmd, even though they don't exist there and then I wonder why the command doesn't work. It even went so far that I specifically created a ll.cmd that executes a dir, because EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I open up a cmd the first thing I type is "ll" only to be greeted with a "unknown command" message... :lol:

The only commands I have never mistakenly used on the platforms are ipconfig (windows) and ifconfig (linux). Don't know why that is... propably "muscle memory". ;)

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Re: How do you remember bits of sudo code?

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AZgl1500 wrote:
Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:15 pm
[screenshot of notebook]
I like your documentation writing style, for what little I can see of it.
Please be polite and remember to mark your fixed problem [SOLVED].

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Re: How do you remember bits of sudo code?

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Hoser Rob wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:56 am
AZgl1500 wrote:
Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:14 am
.... for the life of me, I just cannot figure out how CherryTree works.....
I've found that going into preferences > toolbar and removing everything from it that I don't need (which is most of it) helps a lot. Programs that do a lot more than I need are fine if I can clean up the menu, and better than underpowered ones.
I have made several attempts at CherryTree, and for me, it just simply is a piece of gobbledegook, that is NOT worth my time.
I have found that Evernote is completely safe, does not allow any of my data to escape to the outside world, and is immediately accessible to me no matter where I am. Via my cellphone, or any PC that is available that I can log into Evernote.

CherryTree does not have that access, nor does the way it store notes meet with my satisfaction.
Too damn convoluted. So, I have uninstalled it. If it won't work with my Smartphone, it is useless.
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Re: How do you remember bits of sudo code?

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Like a lot other posters I also have a cheat sheet of useful commands, but more useful than that is to use many aliases where typing a single word or phrase can be a shortcut for a long complicated command.

As I said in a recent post my .bash_aliases file contains 40 or 50 aliases which saves me a lot of time and typing.

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Re: How do you remember bits of sudo code?

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I replied to a post in a different category but pertinent in this thread as well:

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