HP Spectre x360 dual boot with 19.2 and W10 - only W10 boots

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HP Spectre x360 dual boot with 19.2 and W10 - only W10 boots

Post by peragro »


I am hoping to find some help with dual booting my new HP Spectre X360 laptop. I'm relatively new to Linux but would like to know more. I have searched here on the topic and tried turning off fast boot and secure boot. I've also tried installing 19.2 vs. 19.3 as 19.3 gave a missing mmx64.efi file that made Mokmanager extremely unhappy. 19.2 didn't seem to have this problem. However, Rescatux also has the missing mmx64.exi problem. I don't see any obvious errors when I use the live usb to install Mint 19.2. However, the computer won't boot into anything but windows 10. I don't appear to be able to choose the OS boot in BIOS as Windows bootloader is the only choice I have. Likewise using F9; there doesn't appear an ubuntu option there either.

I was able to to perform boot repair using the live installation USB. It indicated that things were repaired, yet still it would only boot into Windows 10. The paste bin address for what Boot Repair found is https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4y3dmSpG4r/ Not that really understand what most of that means, as I'm new to Linux - as mentioned above.

Hoping that someone can provide some help. Am I missing something simple due to lack of knowledge or is there a bigger issue? Frustration levels with this have been pretty high, but I really don't want to continue on with W10 (however, there are a few programs that I still need W10 for. Hence the dual boot). I also really want to understand what's going on; so, bonus points if you can explain what is not happening with this install. Recalling that I'm new to Linux and do not have a good grasp of technical speak.

Thank you much in advance!

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Re: HP Spectre x360 dual boot with 19.2 and W10 - only W10 boots

Post by Pierre »

Hi peragro ,
welcome to our forum.

since that's an HP machine, then do have an Read of this Tutorial:
as those HP machines, are Not so good with any Dual_Boot scenerio.

do post back here, if you have any further questions.
Please edit your original post title to include [SOLVED] - when your problem is solved!
and DO LOOK at those Unanswered Topics - - you may be able to answer some!.

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