mintMenu not showing up applications

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mintMenu not showing up applications

Post by benone »

I've seen already older forum posts about this but no real clue about how to resolve this. My flatmate checked an eye with terminal codes and it was also unsuccessful.


As shown on the screenshots, I cannot see applications at all, but when I want modify the menu, we can actually see them.
If I click the 'Favorites' button, I can see my favorite applications and I can click on them and make them run...

Any idea about how to resolve this?

The version of MintMenu is:

I was running Mate Sarah 18 and I just updated to Linux Mint Mate Sylvia 18.3 using the system updater. I know, I'm still far behind, but I can still do my updates.
Didn't helped me with the problem.

Any help appreciated. And I hope it will help others as well.
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Re: mintMenu not showing up applications

Post by 1000 »

You can also leave this problem because
- you have new Linux Mint 20.1
- you can install mate-menu and change / replace mintmenu icon on panel.
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Re: mintMenu not showing up applications

Post by greenpossum »

benone 5.8.4... just updated to Linux Mint Mate 18.3 - Didn't help me with the problem.
The problem could be that one or more user desktop environment configuration files have become corrupted. This can happen when you hard shutdown your PC.

First run fsck to check & repair all your filesystems.
To do this, boot your PC then invoke the Linux System Recovery menu from the Grub Boot menu. See here for details: viewtopic.php?p=1777782#p1777782

[SOLVED] Mate Menu gone - can't reset panel

Backup your /home/<user> folder before attempting a repair.
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