Resolving Thunderbird profile refused due to accessing Thunderbird from a non-standard path

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Resolving Thunderbird profile refused due to accessing Thunderbird from a non-standard path

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LM21 similar issue. Accessing Thunderbird from a non-standard path using (i.e., not recreating) all existing account information.

For those using portable LM installs, e.g., USB drives (sticks, SSD, etc.), it may help to know some of the command line features of Thunderbird.

For this profile issue, I use a desktop link ( [1] of course, make sure Thunderbird is installed; if for whatever reason it isn't, then, e.g., sudo apt-get install thunderbird, or use Synaptic (search for Thunderbird, Mark for installation, Apply), etc.; [2] lft click LM's Menu button (left bottom corner) to activate the app listing; [3] "thu" is typically enough in the search box to find Thunderbird; [4] rt click the app (here, Thunderbird) and select "Add to desktop").

Modify that desktop link to use the following command: ( [5] rt click the desktop icon; [6] select Properties; [7] change the "Command:" contents to . . . ):

Code: Select all

 thunderbird -profile "full path, ending with .thunderbird/[randomNumber].default" %u 

(Yes, include the double quotes; yes, use standard path syntax, e.g., "/media/(username)/(external drive identifier)/etc./to/get/to/what/ends/with/.thunderbird/[randomNumber].default"; no, don't include the square brackets, i.e., don't alter that last directory (folder) name.)

Yes, it's good to render pkcs11.txt inaccessible (name change to pkcs11.bu works as well as wholesale deletion).

What this command line does is render irrelevant the pkcs11.txt file. By using -profile in the command line, Thunderbird is suppoed to find the account(s) set up at that path regardless of whether there's a profile set up in the normal manner or not.

Multiple profiles? Multiple desktop icons (one per each profile).
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