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Kindle e-books

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2023 10:58 am
by CuriousMeow
Is there a way to open and read Amazon/Kindle ebooks on Mint ? I've tried Calibre, but I just get a warning that "This book is locked by DRM". I also cannot convert to epub format, I get the same warning ("This book is locked by DRM"). Some of the ebooks won't even open in Calibre, I get an error message.

The context is that I live in China, where Amazon decided to stop their e-book service. I cannot buy any new book (apparently since last June) and the Kindle app will not be available for download after June 2024. The web-browser version of the reader was never available for Amazon China. Apparently, the service of reading from their server (or service ?) will stop in June 2024.

I've downloaded the apk of the Kindle app and I've installed the windows Kindle app. I've downloaded the ebooks into my computer. I'm afraid to lose access to those ebooks in the future. They're basically all books to learn stuff. One of those books might be impossible for me to find here and might also not be sold in France either. Also, I paid for those e-books, that would be great if I could use them.

I have taken screenshots of the most important pages of 2 of those e-books, I do not know if there's a limit of screenshots I can take per book. One of the book is to learn a foreign language and I've barely read it.

Is there any solution ?

Re: Kindle e-books

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2023 12:04 pm
by xenopeek
Sorry, this board can't be used to ask for help with circumventing DRM.

Topic locked.