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WAYLAND - read this first!

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2024 4:14 pm
by SMG
Experimental support for Cinnamon running in Wayland was introduced in Cinnamon 6.0.

It is in alpha stage. That means you should expect lots of parts to not work. The current list of issues, whether they need fixing in Cinnamon, in an XApp project, a Mint tool or any software project Linux Mint maintains, can be found on

If you were curious and went into Wayland to see what it looks like, make sure to reboot before you return to standard Cinnamon Xorg session so everything works properly. Otherwise you will have problems because the Wayland environment persists into the following Xorg session right now and you will have a mixture of both which will cause problems. For example, the lockscreen/screensaver will not work.

If you went into Wayland to see what it looks like and you have automatic login enabled you may have problems returning to Xorg.
To fix that:
  • Ctrl+Alt+F2 to drop to console. Log in in text mode.
  • sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
  • Remove the lines about the autologin.
  • Ctrl+O Enter to save
  • Ctrl+X to exit
  • Restart.
Using Wayland for the Cinnamon desktop is a work in progress. Wayland is not a direct replacement for Xorg in the sense that X Server currently handles much more functionality for the desktop than the Wayland protocol handles. That means, when switching from using Xorg to Wayland, code must be either re-written to handle those parts which Wayland does not do that X Server used to do, or new code must be created. There is not one way to implement Wayland and each Desktop Environment has to decide what to do. The Linux Mint Cinnamon developers are currently making many decisions. A board was set up to keep track of Wayland development and is available here.

While in Wayland, GUI tools which normally prompt you for a password like updates, synaptic, mintsources, or pkexec can not yet be done.

Post your Wayland-related topics in this forum. Wayland topics created in other forums will be moved here.

Re: WAYLAND - read this first!

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:33 pm
by fredcw
A slightly easier way to remove auto login is to open a terminal and type:

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sudo lightdm-settings
On the "Users" tab, remove your user name from the Automatic login field and reboot.

Re: WAYLAND - read this first!

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2024 5:51 am
by xenopeek
fredcw wrote: Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:33 pm

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sudo lightdm-settings
The listed steps are for when you can no longer get to your desktop to open a terminal, when you need to repair it from a virtual console. Your command doesn't work on the virtual console because Login Window is a GUI program. If you can still get to the desktop you can simply open Login Window from the menu, no need for the command.

Also, don't use sudo with GUI programs! It can cause root to own files of the user and in turn make it impossible for the user to log in. If you must start it from a terminal use pkexec.