Timeshift in Wayland session

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Timeshift in Wayland session

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Edit: For anyone who might stumble across this - It seems Timeshift works as it should once you run the timshift-gtk GUI via the terminal and set up scheduling. It seems to properly create backups.

Original question:

I have been using the Wayland session for a couple of weeks now without many problems but would like to use Timeshift.

From the "Wayland-Read this first":
While in Wayland, GUI tools which normally prompt you for a password like updates, synaptic, mintsources, or pkexec can not yet be done.
Does "can not be done" mean those GUI apps that require authentication just shouldn't be used? Or is it ok to launch the Timeshift GUI via the terminal with 'sudo timeshift-gtk', set up a schedule and let Timeshift do its thing? Is there any harm in that? Will it properly create backups?
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