LMDE : Some formats on LMDE are not accelerated.

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LMDE : Some formats on LMDE are not accelerated.

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I tryed LMDE and i was very pleased most of the time, still i had two issues which made me come back to Mint 9 - Isadora.

At first when im on MIRO and watching MIRO videos from web, then there is some video formats that are not accelerated
like they are on Mint 9 - Isadora, one format i miss with LMDE is .MOV it is quite a common file format on MIRO videos,
and i cant go using LMDE, if there is one or more important video formats that are unoperative, so without acceleration.

Second problem i had with LMDE is my USB TV Sticks i have two sticks, 1) "Artec 14 USB TV Stick" and 2) "FujTech USB TV Stick"
they both were right after LMDE install working out of the box, like they should be, still screen update was just a bit too slow,
i bet there was no hardware acceleration for DVB-T formats, and then when i rebooted my computer later, then after reboot
my TV sticks ( not pluged at the same time ) were not found, so i totally could not watch TV anymore with LMDE.

Are my problems, something that can not be soluted on LMDE or are they both just my own Mint beginners caused ??

Would really like to be using Mint OS which is rolling, so there would not be any need to reinstall OS.



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Re: LMDE : Some formats on LMDE are not accelerated.

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Re: LMDE : Some formats on LMDE are not accelerated.

Post by DrHu »

Try different media players for one that works, maybe mplayer for example..
http://web.njit.edu/all_topics/Prog_Lan ... l/mplayer/

There may also be some plugin or package that helps, but since I don't have the problem nor at the moment am I running lmde, I can't check for you..
  • I also forgot which Debian version Lmde is based from..

Check Debian for data on multimedia support..


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