Metacity or Compiz

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Metacity or Compiz

Post by CtrlAltDel » Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:04 am

Metacity, the default in Katya, seems to crash quite often. I don't like going into Linux to fix this every time. It takes about a minute, all told, each time.

What's up with the crashing? Is Compiz more stable? I don't have time for this testing stuff. Sorry for the language.
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Re: Metacity or Compiz

Post by kvv » Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:12 am

I thought Compiz, not Metacity, was the default manager of Katya?

Anyway, you can replace compiz by metacity (the less flashy but less buggier of the two) by entering "metacity --replace" in the terminal. Similarly, you can bring back compiz by entering "compiz --replace".

To make it the default do the following:
Just install gconf-editor using "sudo apt-get install gconf-editor"
Launch it from console by issuing the command gconf-editor . Its looks something similar to the registry editor of Windows machine.
Navigate to Desktop->Gnome->session->required-components. Just edit the key windowmanager by double clicking on it and set it to metacity . That would be all. Just logout and login again.
Another thing you can do if my memory serves right: in the gconf-editor go to applications->metacity->general or something like that. See if the "compositing" box is checked. If it is not, do it. With this you will be able to run docky or AWN using metacity.

Unfortunately, I don't think the latest release is as stable as the previous releases because of problems in Ubuntu and Compiz. If you want something that rarely or never crashes you would be much better off with LM9 or LM10.

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Re: Metacity or Compiz

Post by fireroller » Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:23 am

I am under Ubuntu Natty (ie. Ubuntu 11.4) and had the same problem. (ie.In natty, definitely compiz is the default windowmanager and on my system it crashes a lot)

I installed a small tool called Compiz Fusion Icon which allows to select the window manager. now I have been some 3 days under Metacity and it hasn't crashed-keep fingers crossed...

System: HP probook 5310m; originally installed ubuntu 10.xx which I then upgraded to 11.4 (ie. unfortunately no clean install).
On the other hand I installed Mint Katya on my Mothers HP Probook 4530s a few weeks ago, and she hasn't had stability issues so far with the default settings. (of course she uses it less, perhaps a few hours per week in total) .

Btw, most of the time I could repair a compiz crash by changing to another non-graphic terminal (strg-alt-F1, say) and kill-9 the process compiz. however, killing it on the graphical terminal did not go well-it didnt restart...
(as you see, I am not at all a linux guru, so its just my experience)

Anyway, it is a shame that Ubuntu-along with Mint - lost stability on the last release. I guess Mint is more stable(?)
Off: I cannot even really use the shiny new ubuntu unity desktop in everyday use, its so buggy on my system - I work with a 'lot' of applications open, so logging on-off is a pain (Matlab is among them, perhaps this causes issues?)

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