cs 1.6 porblems via playing!

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cs 1.6 porblems via playing!

Post by mr_talicni_tom »

i have several problems with instalacio of cs1.6(counter-strike) and finally when i solved it again porblem!
after 1h to 2 h playing i just got error and get me out of game or some tips on keyboard log me and log out me from some another game..
i have wine ...
have u some solution for me? :( :?
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Re: cs 1.6 porblems via playing!

Post by lahirdenganselamat »

I'm also a CS player, and my CS installation trough PlayOnLinux just working fine. Detailing your problems might help others to help you. Recently I'm trying Sauerbraten and Alien Arena, both was a Linux native FPS game and for me, Sauerbraten just perfect for replacing my CS addiction. It have faster game play, a lot of configuration option. Give it a try and you will find it was great (I'm not saying it was better than CS because for me, CS was more superior, I'm just saying that Sauerbraten was a great FPS game)
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