Linux Mint Swap Banshee Affiliate Code,Take 100% of Profits?

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Re: Linux Mint Swap Banshee Affiliate Code,Take 100% of Prof

Post by clem »

"Linux Mint Swap Banshee Affiliate Code,Take 100% of Profits?"

Two things wrong in this title:

- We never decided, announced or told anyone we were keeping 100%. The revenue share on this wasn't decided then.
- We never swapped the Banshee code, that's the wrong way of putting it. We modified the Canonical URL to our own in the Ubuntu patch.

Here is what happens in Linux Mint, when you buy an MP3 song in the Amazon store:

- In Mint 11 and previous releases: the profit goes 75% to Canonical, 25% to GNOME.
- In Mint 12 and future releases: the profit goes 50% to Mint, 50% to GNOME.

This is called FUD and you're participating in it by bringing it here and linking to this blog. I don't have a problem with the code change, I think the share revenue is good and there's nothing I would have done differently.

Links removed, FUD removed, topic locked. I don't take this lightly especially here on this forum. If you're interested in answers you can contact the team directly. Don't think you'll start a troll here about this.

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