Linux Mint 12 KDE x64, Software Manager

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Linux Mint 12 KDE x64, Software Manager

Post by ArminasAnarchy »

Hi all!

I've just made the switch from Linux Mint Lisa with GNOME to the KDE RC. I've got a problem with the Software Manager built in however...

Synaptic still works, but the software manager launches before simply crashing. When attempting to run it from the terminal, the error "segmentation fault" is displayed.

I've googled this, and seen a few threads on here, but have yet to find any solutions. At the moment, I'm installing software via the command line or via Synaptic. Whilst I like using the terminal to install things, it's nice to be able to browse software, and I hate synaptic since I'm unsure when installing a program exactly which packages are needed - I'd much rather use a GUI like the Software Manager, or something automatic like the terminal.

Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any solutions?

Also - how can it be that there are all these problems? I get it's in RC but surely since it's so close to official release it should be 100% (or as close to) stable and without issues? How can the simple switch from GNOME to KDE have caused this and a few of the other problems I've been having (other thread can be seen here: )

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Re: Linux Mint 12 KDE x64, Software Manager

Post by cudayne »

I fixed mine or well crashed into the fix. After trying an botching my nvidia driver install I found this thread

After doing what the second poster said an doing the kernel upgrade then installing the video driver low an behold the software manager as well as my nvidia video card work.

If your video card is working i would just try the kernel upgrade. It might work for you.

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